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Tel: 07966 030 030
Email: tom@harrogatechauffeurs.net

Tel: 07966 030 030
Email: tom@harrogatehauffeurs.net

"God's Own County"

In Yorkshire we are blessed. Our county has a fabulous treasure trove of features and landscapes. We have everything from lush valleys to bleak, brooding moorlands and old, atmospheric mill towns to charming villages, all bordered in the West by the Pennine hills and to the East by a dramatic coastline. We have history by the tonne: ancient ruined castles and monasteries, fine country houses, a great manufacturing and mining industrial heritage, and a thriving rural community, plus the seafaring histories of places such as Hull and Whitby. Many great people were born in or lived in Yorkshire and you can visit their homes and see and feel their roots and their influences. There are things to do and things to see everywhere and we have some 800 visitor attractions.

Below are some pictures to give you a taste of what you will find here. With our deep knowledge of the area, Harrogate Chauffeurs can help with your visit, picking you up from anywhere in the UK and taking you to your hotel (which we can help you choose if you'd like) and then making sure that you see the best parts of our wonderful county. Just call or email and let us know what you'd find the most interesting and we'll help you plan a memorable few days.

For more information we recommend starting with the Welcome to Yorkshire website ‐ just click HERE. And here is just a small taste of what this wonderful county can offer....

In the Summer of 2014 Yorkshire hosted Le Grand Depart for the Tour de France, the biggest cycle race in the world. See further down this page for a feature.

Tour De France - Le Grand Depart 2014

A Truly Wonderful Weekend

You probably saw it on TV ‐ sumptuous aerial footage that showed our county in all its glory.

The French race organisers were thrilled and said they had never seen anything like it. The sun shone and millions of people had a fabulous time. And we mean millions - they say that over 3 million lined the route in Yorkshire. Worldwide, TV coverage went to 188 countries with a total audience of 3.5 billion.

Here are some pictures to remind us all of that glorious weekend. The route was challenging and tested the riders. If you would like to see it for yourself just call - we'll be happy to show you.


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Client Testimonials

William S. - Excellent service, friendly, on time, highly recommended

Eduardo D. - Very professional driver. Excellent conversation and overall service

Jerry L. - Wonderful service, thank you

Morris H. - Superb service, very courteous, friendly

Dr. Beate H. - Excellent, superb service. Felt like a real VIP, especially travelling as a business woman, safe and friendly

Carine Q. - Very high sense of service (water, wipes available). Safe drive behaviour, good interaction with people

Stephen Q. - Great trip, on time, very easy to work with - I had lots of changes, no problem

William B. - Tom is always punctual, professional, polite. He is my go to transport in Leeds for 2 years now

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Harrogate Chauffeurs

Tel: 07966 030 030

Email: tom@harrogatechauffeurs.net