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Harrogate Chauffeurs

Harrogate Chauffeurs

Harrogate Chauffeurs

Tel: 07966 030 030
Email: tom@harrogatechauffeurs.net

Tel: 07966 030 030
Email: tom@harrogatehauffeurs.net

Our Service Standards

The Fundamentals:

  • With us you will be safe. We take the very greatest care to ensure that you are never left feeling even slightly vulnerable
  • Our drivers are polite, polished, experienced and have immaculate manners
  • They are fully vetted, licenced and insured
  • Cars are maintained to the highest standards, are spotlessly clean and supremely comfortable
  • Your travel with us will be safe, relaxing and stress-free

Before your booking:

  • Whatever you need, you have only to ask. We love unusual requests!
  • We confirm everything in writing, and re-confirm with a text the day before your booking
  • For particular security needs we may be able to provide ex-police close protection squad members for your extra peace of mind

On our arrival for your pick up:

  • We will arrive on time, every time (and that usually means just slightly early)
  • Your car will always be immaculate inside and as clean as we can manage outside, depending on road conditions.
  • Your driver will be wearing a smart suit and tie, will maintain high standards of personal hygiene and will be a non-smoker
  • When meeting us for the first time, we have procedures so that you can be confident you have the right driver and car
  • We will take care of your luggage – you do not need to lift a thing

During the journey

  • When you engage us you are in charge. We will meet any requirement if we possibly can
  • We will discuss any stops en-route and will keep you informed re your expected arrival time
  • Your driver will be cheerful, friendly, helpful and sensitive as to whether you prefer to talk or to be left in peace
  • Discretion and confidentiality are guaranteed absolutely
  • You will be driven smoothly, making the best possible progress but always safe. We keep out of trouble on the road

Inside the car you will find:

  • Sparkling and still mineral water
  • Coffee (please request on booking)
  • The day’s newspaper and a selection of magazines (please let us know any preferences)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Mains power for laptops
  • Chargers for almost all mobile phones and pads
  • Pillows and rugs for early and late journeys
  • Umbrellas, which can also be borrowed
  • An iPad with Internet access and a selection of movies and music, which play through the car’s high-quality speaker system. You are also welcome to play the music on your own mobile or tablet in the same way.
  • A selection of toiletries, wipes, shoe cleaning pads, a small sewing kit, a first aid kit, pain-killers, spare tights
  • A spare mobile phone, which can be borrowed if needed

On arrival:

  • We deliver you right to the door of your destination, as close as we possibly can If it’s wet we hold an umbrella
  • We take care of your bags, for example delivering them to check-in desk or concierge
  • We will not drive away until you are safely inside your destination and content for us to leave

And during the entire time: You only have to ask. We will happily run errands, make deliveries, drop off suitcases at hotels, pick up shopping or tickets, or anything else

We don’t only drive you


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Client Testimonials

William S. - Excellent service, friendly, on time, highly recommended

Eduardo D. - Very professional driver. Excellent conversation and overall service

Jerry L. - Wonderful service, thank you

Morris H. - Superb service, very courteous, friendly

Dr. Beate H. - Excellent, superb service. Felt like a real VIP, especially travelling as a business woman, safe and friendly

Carine Q. - Very high sense of service (water, wipes available). Safe drive behaviour, good interaction with people

Stephen Q. - Great trip, on time, very easy to work with - I had lots of changes, no problem

William B. - Tom is always punctual, professional, polite. He is my go to transport in Leeds for 2 years now

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Harrogate Chauffeurs

Tel: 07966 030 030

Email: tom@harrogatechauffeurs.net