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Top Tips For Driving In Comfort

Thursday 30th of June 2016

Author :Tom

Good drivers make real progress along a route. Dawdling along frustrates following drivers, wastes time and just gets boring! A good driver will use their car's full potential to get where they need to go (within speed limits, naturally) but will make sure the ride is still smooth. If passengers' heads are being jerked backwards, forwards and side to side by heavy acceleration, braking, and rough gear changing the journey just gets tiring and nerve-wracking for both the driver and the passengers. Besides, driving like this wears out the car, its tyres and brakes.

Making a car journey smooth and comfortable doesn’t mean that you have to drive at a snail’s pace. Acceleration can be brisk but needs to be fed in smoothly and then eased off gradually. Stamping on the pedal creates a real jerk and if you have to jump off it sharply you are likely to create an even bigger one. Chauffeurs polish a very smooth, safe driving style so that their clients are never even slightly thrown around. They brake early and gently and their observation and anticipation means that they almost never have to brake hard. Having to brake hard means that something has caught you out or that you were using too much speed for the situation. Not only is this nerve-wracking for everyone on board, it can be really dangerous and cause accidents on the road.

There’s also a trick to coming to a halt smoothly. Keep pressure on the brake pedal and the car will stop with a jerk, everyone inside lurching forwards as it does. Instead, brake slightly earlier and then ease off the pedal gradually as the car slows, so that, at the moment you stop, you are hardly pressing on it at all. You may already do this but, if not, give it a try. It really works.

Now you have honed in on the perfect driving style for making your car journey smooth, the next thing to think about is the comfort you can create inside the car. Inevitably, a chauffeur's car is one of the best on the road with big, soft, well-shaped seats and plenty of space to stretch out, but you can make any car as comfortable as possible.

If it's a long journey you might be glad of a pillow or a blanket. Your passengers may get tired, and sleeping is always easier if your head is comfortable. If your passengers get bored easily, think about how people can pass the time to ensure everyone is relaxed. For children this may be car games like 'I spy' or 'number plate bingo'.

Audio books and films are great if you have the right equipment. For business people, it may be about ensuring you have the right chargers to ensure emails can be read or work done on the move. Be aware that some people can get travel sick if they read or look down while moving so always ensure there are plenty of things to pass the time without being glued to gadgets.  

Make sure you get lots of fresh air during your journey. Good cabin air filters and a good flow of clean fresh air will make everyone feel better. Good ventilation also keeps windows mist-free in wet or cold weather. Use the aircon even in winter.-it dries and freshens the air and any damp clothes dry quickly.

Have some bottled water in the car and stop every two or three hours to allow everyone to have a stretch and perhaps a coffee.

A tip that will make your driving experience that little bit better is to avoid scruffy over-priced service areas. If you're making a pit stop, supermarkets make great stops. They usually have cafes, decent loos and sensibly-priced food and drink.



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